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A Brighter Future - Mukta's Story

I have a dream to own a electronic sells and service shop

When 20-year-old Mukta Rani Dash was forced to drop out of education due to her family’s financial situation, things looked very uncertain. Now, with support from the EWY program, she is embarking on a new career path. Mukta shares her hopes and dreams for the future.

Mukta Rani Dash lives in Arybeki village in the Barishal district of Bangladesh. Since her father retired from his job as a high-school teacher, the family has been living hand-to-mouth on his small pension. Mukta did well in school and was studying for a degree, but the family’s financial situation meant her life took a different direction.

Mukta's story

It was very difficult for me to finish my education due to the financial crisis. My family tried their best to support me both mentally and financially, but they weren’t able to support me to continue my studies.

Empower Youth for Work and the WAVE foundation are giving me the opportunity to participate in technical skills training from the UCEP (Underprivileged Children’s Education Program) technical school. Currently, I am receiving training on Electrical and Navigation trade at UCEP Barishal. After I’ve finished the training, I would like to get a decent job in a reputed electrical company, so I can help my family and try to complete my higher education. I also received soft skills training that really helped me to get determination!

My main obstacles to realizing my dream are both money and culture.

My father does not  have enough to support me financially. And in my society, there are many restrictions for a woman, especially a young woman like me, to go outside of the home and do a job.

For this to change, I need financial support from the government or any organization. And there needs to be more awareness in society about women’s rights and the importance of women’s empowerment. I am responsible for realizing my own dream, and I also need support from my family.

I have a dream to lead a sustainable, honorable life.

Respect is very important, though status and money are also valuable to me. I want the kind of job where I can live with honor, gain respect and live a financially secure life. These things are connected by getting a fair wage, workplace safety and security, and acceptance of that work by society.