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International Youth Day

Safe spaces 4 youth

On Sunday the 12th of August it is International Youth Day. This year the theme is Safe Spaces for Youth. Oxfam and partners work for and with young people in building a coherent society and recognizes the need of safe spaces for them to exercise their fundamental rights. Youth need safe spaces where they can come together, engage in activities related to their diverse cultures, needs and interests, participate in decision making processes and freely express themselves.

While there are many types of spaces it will ensure the safety and dignity of youth. Such as civic spaces that enable youth to engage in governance issues; public spaces afford youth the opportunity to participate in sports and other leisure activities in the community; digital spaces help youth interact virtually across borders with everyone globally with no restrictions; and well planned physical spaces can help accommodate the needs of diverse youth especially those vulnerable to marginalization or violence.

  • Social experiment to raise awareness in Bangladesh

    The concept of safe space is not limited to any specific concept of space there are many dimensions such as civic spaces enable youth to engage in governance issues. A social experiment and awareness campaign will contribute to ensure safe space for inclusive development. In this process, some real cases on GBV, SRHR, care work, early marriage and other social problems will be addressed. This experiment will igniting a discussion over the social taboos and raise awareness on the perception of safe space for youth. Together with youth we will outline the challenges, messages and possible solutions to create safe spaces for youth. Read more about the IYD celebrations and watch the video's.

  • Join International Youth Day in Pakistan

    Celebrations on International Youth Day are part of the campaign Youth Ka Green Pakistan. This campaign welcomes young people to both share their perspective on what kind of future they want to see for their country and also invites them to take small actions which can contribute towards this future. In particular, we will focus on two major themes-environment and the spirit of humanitarianism. Under the theme of environment, young people will be encouraged to take lead in reducing water wastage, improving solid-waste management and planting more trees while under the theme of humanitarianism, youth taking actions for the welfare of humanity will be recognized and celebrated. Read more


  • Conference on International Youth Day in Ethiopia

    Explore the role of safe spaces in contributing to freedom of expression, mutual respect and constructive dialogue.  An event will be held with youth and government officials like Somali and Oromia regions’ Youth and Sports and Women’s Affairs bureaux. The day will be a platform to discuss youth employment, gender parity and increase awareness and understanding about safe space for youth. One year after the launching event we will look back at the promisses and agreements from last year, the achievements so far and the plans for the near future. Focussong how to create equal safe space for all youth to work and learn.

  • Safe space to express your voice!

    To support youth around the world to express their voice. Create a video of photo via this link and post it on your Facebook timeline:

    In 6 countries this layer is being used for engagement with the  online audiences. In the Philippines it was one of the most successfull social media campaigns they have done lately.