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16 Days of Activism 2019

16 Days of Activism: #SayEnoughCypher to end violence against women and girls 

Oxfam International’s Enough! Campaign is marking the 16 Days of Activism by saying enough to violence against women and girls through spoken word, poetry, rap and other media around the world. Every day, everywhere, all over the world, women and girls face violence. At least one in three women will experience some form of violence during their lifetime—that’s more than one billion women worldwide.

The campaign is being circulated via the #SayEnoughCypher hashtag through the format of a ‘cypher’ - describing a circle of poets or musicians that take turns performing on a topic. Led by a series of performances from artists and activists across the globe, this medium was chosen to raise awareness especially among young people. Global audiences can engage with the performances, share them and respond with their own perspectives, adding to the conversation. You can preview the global package at the teaser below.

  • Pakistan

    Oxfam in Pakistan is working together with local partners She Kab and Careem and local media outlets to spread this message. Over the 16 Days, this theme will be tackled through open mic events, theatre competitions, puppet shows, mural and truck paintings, art competitions, and even conversations with rickshaw drivers – all aimed at empowering the girl through means of education, information and literacy. At the campaign’s lead and part of the Enough! global campaign is artist and activist Yusra Amjad with her spoken word poem “Girl Cries Wolf.” Read more

  • The campaign in Pakistan also follows the hashtag #IAmMore, celebrating the individuality of women as being more than brides, wives, or any other roles that are ascribed to them. Among the young women featured in the campaign is Zakiya Bibi, who participated in the Innovation Hub in Layyah. After attending the trainings, she started tunnel farming and establish a sustainable business for herself. She is now the proud owner of a cafe where she employs women workers to give them the chance to be part of a business. Read more


  • Bangladesh

    In Bangladesh, games with community members in Barishal on the topic of violence against women and girls will be followed by discussions on its different forms and where to seek support, as well as performances of original songs on the topic. In Rangpur, a consultation meeting with government officials as well as community discussions will be held on how to reduce violence and increase cooperation between youth and community in this feat. Rajshahi will see several street theater performances on domestic violence related to drug use and equal pay for women, as well as song performances in local style. In Kuhlna, street murals will be painted to raise awareness and provide informative messages on stopping violence against women.
    Read more

  • This song is about overcoming the hardship that women and girls face when they are exposed to violence. Written by Saeed Farhad and performed by A. K. M. Asrarul Haq Rifat from Oxfam in Bangladesh and the band Social Circus, it condemns the actions of its perpetrators and serves as a call to put an end to them. It also recognizes the struggle faced by women and girls, urging those that are still suffering to keep fighting and hold on to hope. #SayEnoughCypher #16DaysofActivism

  • Ethiopia

    In Ethiopia, a poetry contest in Oromo and Somali is being held on the theme. The winner will be announced over live radio, with the winning poem announced on social media and read out to youth audiences. Read more

  • Indonesia

    In Indonesia, traditional dance will be used to address the topics of VAWG and child marriage. These performances will speak to women’s independence and resonate with local youth. Additionally, a flash mob on December 1st will be followed by a panel discussion, and campaigns will be carried out in different districts. Read more