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Symposium 2021  

09:00 -13:00 (CEST)        14 & 15 September 2021

  • Introduction

    EYW is a program that believes in the power of young people and commits itself in supporting them along their empowerment journey. Over the past 5.5-year (2016-2021) of implementation, EYW has directly supported 141,127 young people, from rural climate change-affected areas in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Indonesia and Pakistan, to become change agents, to find new and improved jobs and enterprises and to become champions to change social norms in their communities. 

    To share the great amount of learnings and lessons captured throughout the program, a Virtual Symposium will be organized bringing young people, implementing partner organizations, private sector, knowledge institutions and international organizations to a series of dialogue sessions. Particularly, we will zoom in on topics such as meaningful youth participation, social (gender) norms changes led by youth agents, climate change adaption, youth employment and entrepreneurship. 
    These dialogue sessions will be conducted through Living Library, Innovation Booster, Panel Discussion and other interactive methods.