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We’re not giving up

Mouwleed Abdisemed Aw Mousse is a youth entrepreneur and manager of the KAFIYA Liquid Soap Factory in Wajaale City, Somali region, Ethiopia. He describes how the enterprise is helping refugees…

Testimonies from young people in lockdown – Bangladesh

EYW youth in Bangladesh have organized to fight the spread of Covid-19 and to support vulnerable people in their communities. In these inspiring testimonies, three young people talk about the…

I hope this pandemic will change the world order

EYW Youth Leader and Innovator Saif Ali describes his personal experience of the coronavirus crisis, and explains how young people have been rising to the challenge – and giving much…

Nature has given me time to think

Maab Fatima, an EYW Youth Leader in Pakistan, explains how young people are contributing to the fight against Covid-19 – and are looking for ways to rebuild in its aftermath.…

Pakistan year 4 overview

In the Empower Youth for Work program in Pakistan in year 4, the development of an online platform enabled young people to learn new skills and find jobs online. Youth…

Indonesia year 4 overview

The fourth year of the Empower Youth for Work program in Indonesia made important progress in Community-Based Tourism, which aims to ensure that tourism benefits local communities, the environment and…

Ethiopia year 4 overview

The Ethiopia Empower Youth for Work program continued to emphasize vocational and life-skills training in year 4, and to improve access to loans for young entrepreneurs and start-ups. Innovations included…

Bangladesh year 4 overview

In Year 4 of the Empower Youth for Work program in Bangladesh, the lives of many young women in particular were transformed through training, business support and the Gender Action…

Making space for young ideas to create social change!

Last year, Oxfam Novib and Voice organized a learning event in which 7 young activists from around the world reflected on youth activism. Pakeeza and Bushra were part of this…

Youth entrepreneurs in Ethiopia respond to Covid-19 measures

As the Covid-19 pandemic sweeps across the globe, youth are faced with new restrictions and challenges. Currently, national-level measures are in place in Ethiopia to prevent the spread of Covid-19.…

Tackling Covid-19 in Pakistan: A young woman takes action

After the first cases of Covid-19 in Pakistan, daily life changed for citizens. One by one, the country’s provinces went under lockdown and cancelled all outdoor activities. Due to the…

Indonesia’s response to Covid-19

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is being felt in the provinces of Indonesia that the EYW project operates in, affecting the day-to-day program and activities. In South Sulawesi, the…

Youth initiatives in Bangladesh respond to Covid-19

As world is fighting against Covid-19, people everywhere are being asked to remain at home and restrict their regular movement. In the rural areas of Bangladesh, it is a difficulty…

Building a better future in Ethiopia

From brick-making to hen-rearing, young people in Ethiopia’s Somali region are determined to work together to leave unemployment and poverty behind. Youth unemployment is high in Ethiopia, so the government…

Flash mobs and lively discussions for Indonesia’s 16 Days of Activism

To mark the global 16 Days of Activism campaign to end violence against women and girls, Oxfam in Indonesia carried out various activities on advocacy, social mobilisation and awareness. Held…