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A Story from Qararu - Kediro's Dream

I have a dream… to start my own health clinic"

Kediro was just 15 when he found out he was going to be a dad. Now aged 25 and a father of four, he explains how the EYW program is helping him to become a more caring husband and father – and to pursue his personal ambitions.

Kediro's story

‘Health is everything and at the base of a happy life in Oromo culture,’ explains Kediro Irreso, who lives in the village of Qararu the Oromia region of Ethiopia. ‘However, we need to travel long distances to receive healthcare.’ This is something Kediro dreams of changing – by one day running his own health clinic. He explains: ‘I am especially interested in diagnosis – identifying diseases by finding the hidden enemy in humans, and of course, prescribing the right medicine… it is really my dream!’

Kediro has been married to his wife Amanee (28) for 10 years. They have two boys aged ten and eight, and two girls aged six and three.

‘My father forced me to marry Amanee when she became pregnant, when I was 15. I was a good student and my teachers pushed me to continue my education. Up until tenth grade, I hopped in and out of school, but eventually I dropped out to work and provide money for my family. My parents were not very supportive of my educational ambitions, but they did give me a small piece of land to work on, so I could have my own income.’

Through a government youth program and Oxfam’s partner, Rift Valley Children and Women Development organization (RCWDO), Kediro enrolled in the EYW project. He joined his local youth group, which is earning money by cultivating vegetables on a small plot of land. With his growing income, Kediro hopes to be able to study to become a laboratory technician.

As well as giving him hope of realizing this ambition, the program has had a positive impact on his marriage, as it has helped Kediro understand the value of working together with his wife to care for their children.

‘The EYW program gives me hope for the future and a lot of positive vibes in my life. I feel less alone in my struggle, and my relationship Amanee – which has faced problems over the years – has improved. I have learned to share responsibilities in decision making and budgeting with her. Now I support her in housework and caring for the family.’

‘My pride is to get my children to school, cleaner and better dressed than the other kids!’