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Ameliah's story

“Yes, now I know my rights!” said Ameliah, after attending a workshop to introduce the GALS methodology, which enables participants to analyse issues deeply and come up with constructive propositions. It builds their confidence and helps them to be comfortable speaking up for themselves in their households and communities.

At the workshop, Ameliah – who had dropped out of junior high school due to financial limitations – gained more confidence in herself and more understanding of the importance of gender equality. When she went back home, she shared GALS with her peers and parents, who agreed to allow her to follow the activities further. She wants to be one of facilitators in Oxfam’s gender project so that she can speak up more with her peers, family and community. The workshop also inspired her to want to set up her own small business in fashion.

Yes, now I know my rights!

Picture by Ahmad Rifai, story by Oxfam Indonesia

Ameliah, 17 years old, from Pitusunggu Village, Pangkep, South Sulawesi