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Dare to dream: International Youth Day 2017 in Indonesia

In Indonesia, Empower Youth for Work programme celebrated the International Youth Day through Pecha Kucha's and Public Discussion taking place in West Java and Southeast Sulawesi.

These events were a blast! We have successfully reached more than 400 youth with around 2000 online engagements in our social media. We also did the digital registration attendance (using Tablet) supported by our partner during the events.

In August 5th 2017, we held the event in West Java, acknowledged by Head of Local Planning Agency and attended by Head of Local Social Welfare Division, school principals, teachers, and youth.

The Head of Local Planning Agency said that he is committed to reduce the numbers of early marriage amongst youth and encourage the youth to develop the place as an industrial area.

Meanwhile in August 11th 2017, we held the event in Southeast Sulawesi, in Vocational School and on the beach, acknowledged by Head of Youth and Sport Division and also attended by school principals, teachers, and youth.

In these events, youth are having fun while learning lots of new things about SRHR, early marriage, and also young people at workforce.

There was a total of 9 presenters of Pecha Kucha presentations, sharing their stories and struggles. The youth are becoming role models for other youth through their inspiring stories ranged from being a young woman entrepreneur in construction building, a young men who become a kitchen herbs entrepreneur, a young activist in green environment, a coffee shop seller using his own Vespa in coastal area, and so forth.

In these event, we also create 3 (three) short movies featuring three youth presenters of Pecha Kucha's with their stories and struggles to inspire youth in reaching their dreams.