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Infographics on employment in Indonesia

The info-graphics below are used by the Empower Youth for Work Indonesia for International Women’s Day 2019 with the global theme of #BalanceforBetter. They represent the youth demographics, youth unemployment rate and the youth employment status in Indonesia. They show the information how the current situation is for youth around these topics in the EYW targeted areas in South Sulawesi, South-east Sulawesi and West Java. With the help of the EYW partners, they are also used as an advocacy tool to the relevant stake holders, such as district government, local government and private sector to inform them about the youth employment situation

Unemployment rate status
Top: The Open Unemployment Rate (TPT) is the percentage of the workforce that does not have a job, who are moderately actively looking for work or preparing a business, those who are desperate to find work and can’t find a job, as well as those who have a job but haven't started working, against workforce population. The TPT amongst young people in 2018 was: 13,47%.Under the people graphic: For every 100 youths there are around 14 that does not work or who are looking for a job or preparing for business.Left lower corner: The unemployment of young people is higher in the urban areas, compared to youth in the countryside.

Middle low: The highest value of youth that is unemployed are those with high school education or equivalent, followed by PT and SMP or equivalent.

Right low: Youth unemployment is very equal based on gender (15,58% women, 13,40% Men)

The Demographics  of young people in Indonesia
Up left: The BPS records the number of youth in Indonesia. It shows that ages 16-30 are increasing every year. In 2018 the number of youth in Indonesia in total was 63.82 million people, spreading from west to east in the regions of Indonesia. The young Indonesians account for almost a quarter of Indonesia’s total population (24,15%)Up right: 24% of Indonesian’s are young people, 63.82 million people.Next to the cake: Youth population based on age group

Low left: Population of young people based on location (rural, urban)


Employment status of young people in Indonesia
Title: Main employment status of young people in IndonesiaHand witch circles on top> Labor is still being paidGrass and ground>Free farm workers

Wheel of a clock>  Nonagricultural workers

Two wheels of a clock> Auxiliary labor is not paid

Puzzle pieces> Try yourself (self-employed)

Hand holding a house> Tycoon workers not paid

Briefcase>  employee