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Kainat's story

I am one of the members of the village youth group formed in my Union Council in Jamshoro district in Sindh, Pakistan. I have been coming to the group meetings for the past year and absolutely enjoy the company of my fellow members and the Empower Youth for Work team.

Empower Youth for Work has raised our hopes. Enabling young women to regularly interact has developed our confidence to discuss the various social issues that we face in our day-to-day lives. Trainings are helping us to develop new skills such as entrepreneurship and life skills which can give us a socio-economic head start.

I am very excited about the new possibilities thatEmpower Youth for Work brings to us, both at the household and society level.

My parents are concerned about my safety when I travel around in the local area. Although I study at a university, stereotypes around girls’ mobility hinder many girls from stepping out of their homes to travel to schools or places of employment. There is a need to address the patriarchal system of our community and engage men and boys to support women.

Through theEmpower Youth for Work project, I excitedly look forward to learning new means and methods to address these issues to overcome traditional barriers.

Kainat, 22-year old, youth group member, Jamshoro, Sindh