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Kedir's story

I recently attended a workshop organised by the Empower Youth for Work project. I and my fellow youngsters in our localities have so many challenges, including unemployment. Two years ago I graduated in civil engineering from Mada Walabu University, but I have not been able to find a job. My father is a farmer and sometimes I assist my family with farming to help provide for my seven siblings.

Many young people are now wasting their precious time doing nothing. Some have become addicted to chewing khat.

What I like about this project is that it is committed to addressing the problems we, young people, are facing.

I have become a member of a cooperative association known as Abdi Guddina (“hope of growth”), newly established by the district job creation office, to produce kaolin or china clay.

I hope Empower Youth for Work will support me and my fellow friends in need to become economically empowered through the creation of employment opportunities. Young people can really bring change.

Kedir, 25, resident of Zway Dugda Woreda, Abdi Gudina Cooperative Association, Oromia Region, Ethiopia