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Measuring impact: EYW Basline reports

For each of the four EYW countries, a separate baseline report was made, serving as a basis for further programme design, learning and impact measurement. On top of the country baseline reports, a global report presents the main findings of the comparative analysis of baseline data from surveys conducted among the youth and their communities in the four countries targeted by the EYW project.

The  baseline  survey  was  the first  of  three  surveys  to  be  carried  out  for  this  project.  All surveys,  and  in  particular  the  mid-line  and  endline  surveys,  will  be  used  to  measure  the outcomes of the project to inform program planning. For the studies, the project has conducted quantitative,  large-scale  surveys  with  targeted  questions  that  closely  link  to  the EYW MEAL system. This approach requires data collection from both participants in the programme and their surroundings; youth and communities, and a comparison group.

Global report