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National Youth Council Bangladesh

On the 19th of August the Department of Youth Development of Bangladesh and Oxfam in Bangladesh signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the aim of forming the "National Youth Council".  It will be the first national platform to engage young people from all levels in the decision-making process and to become the driving force of Bangladesh Vision-2040.

The government is a key actor in enabling the empowerment of youth for work. Forming a National Youth Council is an important step in the collaboration with the government to include young people in decision-making processes and to ensure their voice is heard.

Under the MoU, the organisations will work together on youth development through knowledge, skills and technology transfer; research, innovation in the field of technical, entrepreneurial and soft skill development. The National Youth Council will create space for youth from local to the national level to take part in implementing and monitoring of the National Action Plan of Bangladesh that was published in 2017.

I think this will play a significant role in rolling out government's plan to galvanize the power of youth in building a better future of Bangladesh, we welcome Oxfam for reaching out to us with the idea of forming National Youth Council"  - M Ruhul Azad, Acting Secretary, Department of Youth Development

Through signing this MoU, Oxfam has become part of a historical step of governments. It was signed at Jubo Bhaban by Dipankar Datta, country director of Oxfam in Bangladesh and AM Ahmmad Ali, director general (acting), department of youth development.